Shu Vase

Every Shu vase is handmade and each one is unique in its own way. With its vintage and classical look, the gentle presence of Shu vase on your shelf or table soothes your day.

S$ 18.90


Dimension: Tall: H17cm x W11.5cm (Base) Short: H12cm x W12.5cm (Base)

Finish: Glazed & glossy surface

Material: Ceramic

Care instruction: Wipe clean with dry cloth

Notes & advice: This vase is not intended for storing water as sippage may occur gradually. Looks good by itself or style with artificial plant. Each vase has its own characteristic. Some have slightly darker rim, some have dimple, some have minor lines while some have more specks than the other. Imperfection is the beauty of this vase. Only purchase if you can embrace imperfection in life :) Pair with our Oli or Euca plant and voila, you have a beautiful set! (Photo features a stalk of Euca plant cut into shorter stems to fit vase.)