The moment we obtained the permit to start work in this HDB maisonette, we jumped into action in order to meet the deadline. We kicked off with a drastic transformation at the balcony, which had to make way for more storage space and room for the domestic helper. The transformation was well worth it. With a pull down hidden bed and extensive built in cabinet, the balcony was converted into a well utilised space which flowed seamlessly with the kitchen. Following that, more walls were hacked away and re-configured to carve out individual rooms for three teenage children, which was one of the objective to address in this project. One of the child's room was located on the first floor which took up substantial space near dining room. Even then, the overall interior felt spacious with usage of glass panels and light neutral color scheme. The design of this house was kept clean and sleek to achieve a timeless look while ensuring ease of maintenance. Clad in light wood and creamy white palette, this house exudes a befitting sense of homeliness. The cheerful chatter and bantering which was apparent during photo-shooting session brought even greater sense of liveliness in this home.