When the home owners approached us with the intention to build a loft in this double volume condominium, we knew it would turn out to be a lovely space. It helped that they had clear ideas on the aesthetic they wanted to achieve for their home. After a few round of discussions, we were able to filter, consolidate and tie up all the elements and worked out a design proposal which was on point and accepted by clients at our first presentation. Most of the times, the discussion revolved around the stairs leading to the loft. Should it be a spiral staircase? Or should it be a straight one? In the end, it was decided that a spiral staircase would be ideal for the layout and the intended interaction within the home. Once this was decided, the rest just followed, though not without challenges. Execution of the spiral staircase was one challenge, which we took up gamely and eventually achieved with glee. Together with home owners who were actively involved in the design process and discussed in great details with us on the selection of material, down to the preferred colour to use, we achieved the desired outcome in the end. A gorgeous home with gentle curve, brought to life in this apartment.