Not much design brief was given during the discussion of this compact apartment, which is overlooking an open space with greenery. We started the design process by choosing white as the background color in order to open up the space. Full height storage cabinet was built along one wall with storage in mind, with white as the main color too. As such, the storage cabinet blended harmoniously in this living & dining room, without being obtrusive. The dining table, lamps, sofa were strategically arranged on one side of the wall so there is visual continuity extending towards the scenery outside the balcony. The kitchen was revamped with neutral white color and light wood tone. A green tempered glass panel was introduced to bring a breath of freshness. An opening in the kitchen, which was originally there, was fitted with a customized roller shutter, providing flexibility to open or close up the kitchen according to the activity that was going on. When friends and families are visiting, cups of coffee would be served on the sleek counter ledge made with solid panel. With the nutty aroma of the coffee filling the air and cool breeze drifting in from the balcony, we are delighted to see that we have created yet another tranquil space.