This home owner waited long enough for her own flat after many years of living in rented place. Her excitement was apparent when we met at the unit. Much like her sincere and hospitable personality, she wanted the space to be open and welcoming. Our first task was to remove walls to create a much larger dining and entertaining niche. This formed the heart of the house as the owner enjoy entertaining family and friends. Out of practicality, a sliding door between living room and kitchen was installed. When utilized, the visual connection between these two spaces remained intact as the sliding door was built with clear glass panels. The bedroom offers storage for owner’s vast collection of books and clothing. Instead of door, soft curtain was fitted in the walk-in wardrobe to provide privacy while adding a feminine touch. Despite being a 4 room flat, the home feels larger than it should be, certainly large enough to resonate many cheerful chatter and laughter for many years to come.