This is our very own project - our office. The principle aim is to create an urban, functional and comfortable space. Hard walls are deliberately excluded, to encourage open communication and sharing of ideas. Areas are demarcated with the use of different floor materials and partial dividers. We have also introduced earth tones, neutral palettes and plants to instil sense of calmness amidst daily working life. The outline of roof houses sitting on ledge above windows, with green faux leaves trailing from the planter, exudes a peaceful vibe. A central sitting nook is carved out as part of lounging area to unwind and communicate, while ample sunlight streaming through window panels. A flight of customised steps adds visual interest and provides access to storage above the window. After months of thoughtful planning, as well as styling using carefully curated accessories, the end result is a comfortable and conducive office space. This will be our second home for a long time, where we can feel at ease and capture many ideas.