The transformation of the 3-room HDB flat was like giving a cramped space a breath of fresh air and a welcoming personality. When the owner told us she loves hosting her big family, we proposed taking down the walls to make the space spacious, perfect for big family gatherings! The main gate got a cool upgrade with turnable timber panels – letting in just the right amount of light and wind, just the way the owner likes it. Low-built carpentry enhances accessibility and maintenance, while the white slim frame sliding door panels in the kitchen balance enclosure and openness. A mix of wood colors was chosen to bring a warm and homey feel, and that light pastel blue is like a burst of joy. Not forgetting the round wooden hanging knobs in the kitchen, which are like a little playful wink in the midst of daily life. In the end, the place feels like a cheerful, flexible haven that truly reflects the owner's jovial and hospitable spirit.