Practicality and maximum storage was the initial brief given by the home owners. With this in mind, we dived in and started working on the spaces according to their purpose and owners’ personalities. Within the living and dining area, a sturdy sofa sits beautifully in the middle of the room, demarcating the space. The dining area, while compact, offers much needed storage with the custom made cabinetry. The challenges came mostly from the compact bedrooms, where we have to plan strategically with aesthetic and practical sense. It turned out beautifully in the end. A feeling of grandness is conveyed by a tall suspended wood frame along the window in the master bedroom. The frame also doubles as a much needed study desk. While the son’s room is designed with mostly masculine lines, a curve headboard feature in daughter’s room displays a whimsical touch. Even though this project was delivered within a tight time frame, we managed to inject unique personality in the process. It is challenging and fulfilling as always.