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  • Flying Ideas was our first choice after hearing compliments from our friends. True to what we have heard and seen, both Tom, Hazel and their team provided quality service. Being completely new to renovations, they were there every step of the way from brainstorming to the minute details of material, furniture and lighting selection, giving us advice from their wealth of experience.

    Tom is very meticulous and dependable. He takes his work seriously and does everything by himself. From measurements to supervising, he is always there. It is very reassuring as we both have very busy schedule and seldom have time to monitor the progress of the renovation. He does not promise things that cannot be done but would rather throw it out and tell us what can be done or cannot be done. This allowed us to make better choices and decisions.

    Hazel and her team created beautiful and accurate drawings of our future house and gave us great advice on the furnishing of the house. She also took it upon herself to collect samples of the different materials and textures for us to better visualise the look.

    The team also factored in our special interests and helped me create the dream showcase for my hobby. We are very pleased and happy to have chosen Flying Ideas for the fine and quality workmanship that they have. In all, the experience was hassle free and quality assured.
    Kee Jin & Li Gek Fajar Road, 07/12/2016
  • We were actually in touch with three other firms to get a quotation to renovate our home of 15 years before Flying Ideas came into the picture. Through word of mouth, our close friends John & Tricia, who just did some renovation at their home, strongly recommended Tom & Hazel to us. Two words - responsibility and quality workmanship. Tom is a busy man who may not always pick up your calls, but he is sure to return in a while. After meeting up with him several times I began to understand he's always engaged with his conversation with his client and will reject incoming calls; just like how he did so when he was discussing my home ideas with me. That, to me, is sheer respect and it made me feel discussing my home is important.

    After getting to know our taste and preferences, his team went sourcing for the right type of feel of materials to suit our needs. When we felt not quite right and hesitated, they continued to search just to find that piece that made us feel "yeah!!". Soon the theme throughout the home was quickly decided upon by showing us 3-D perspective drawings of different parts of the home.

    Being a rookie in renovating my home, Tom gave me a lot of valuable advice. He not only recommended reliable sub-contractors to deal with our air-conditioners and roller blinds; but provided me with good practical tips of handling an everyday household issue that never crossed my mind. When in doubt, I texted him and he always answered from 1 to 10 to my queries.

    Tom believes nobody wants to live in a home where something can be a real eyesore. When the bathroom tiles were up, my husband and I noticed two particular pieces were too outstanding although those tiles are running tones. Without fail, Tom approached the supplier and ran through five cartons of files manually to choose two that will complement the rest. Not forgetting to mention that he specifically checked the first batch of my white hexagon tiles for the bathrooms and rejected them all when he found black spots here and there. The end result? We have resort-looking bathrooms right in my home!

    To go the extra mile, Tom understood my culinary habit in terms of the spice rack beneath the hob. For the purpose of catering to different heights of my spice bottles, he ran to and fro two shops to purchase racks of different height but are of same design because each shop only carries one type each. That really helped to solve my problem and his effort is greatly appreciated.

    Before the balcony windows were up, one fine day there was a heavy downpour and rain came into the house and soaked up a part of my hard wood floor. After informing Tom, he went late at night to cover up the place and promised me to replace the affected part. True to his word, he got his workers to dig up the soaked wood and made sure everything was done right.

    Even after everything was done, good after-sales service was in action too. We accidentally scratched the hard wood floor and a worker was sent to help rectify to lessen the damage. My washer's pipe was found leaking and twice, not just once, the plumber was sent in to check and ensure it was fine.

    I am writing this now to express my appreciation right in the comfort of my newly renovated home. My family and I are enjoying our new place every day. Thank you Flying Ideas and your wonderful team for making this happen.
    Peter and Jean The Florida, 30/6/2016
  • We would like to take this opportunity to convey our heartfelt appreciation and provide you with this testimonial for an excellent and outstanding job of renovation and transformation of our recently purchased home.

    The word-of-mouth recommendation of Flying Ideas (or specifically to you Tom) has proven that the decision to engage Flying Ideas by us had been a decision that had put tremendous osdence by your previous customers whom had previously received the service level and quality from you.From our first contact till the end of the whole re-location and renovation exercise, the area of your expertise, your attention to details, involvement and insight has made the whole experience a lot more less stressful, enjoyable and less time consuming when dealing with the details and final touches being put into our house.

    We appreciate that you had spent a large amount of your time to understand and integrate our expectations and design concept which we had in mind by providing crucial suggestions from your expertise area which we are very satisfied with the end results.We are also very appreciative that we are spared the painful exercise of coordinating and being present for all the installation and activation of various electrical, utilities, telecommunication activation, installations and arranging different timing for different renovation works during the whole renovation exercise as you have taken it upon yourself to ensure that you are authorized to handle on our behalf without us having to take extra time off to settle these minor details.

    The extra time saved has enabled us to spend more time in checking out and procuring the potential design of the fittings, furniture and ornaments which you had worked out with us to complement the design of the house.We are very satisfied with the workmanship of the various tradesmen under your company which had provided the renovation works for our house under your supervision. The hand-over of the house is a breeze as all the areas of work had been done according to the discussed design.

    We understand that not all renovations works are perfect as some minor defects may only surface after having lived in and used daily over a period of time. I am happy that even after more than one year waiting for such defects to surface, you are still reactive to our request for these minor rectifications.

    Through our experience of the services by the Flying Ideas Team, we will strongly recommend that future potential customers give them an opportunity to provide their professional services. It is with great pleasure that we will strongly consider Flying Ideas for our next house renovation exercise.

    Thank you!
    Kenneth Chia & Esther Peh Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central, 19/04/2016
  • Our sincere appreciation to Mr Tom Tan for providing an excellent job through his professional advice, great design concept, good coordination work and understanding of our needs which have saved us of hassle during the renovation period. Our appreciation is also extended to your dedicated and loyal employees who served us with efficient, systematic and passionate for excellence and accomplished all their duties with great team spirit. Lastly, we highly recommend Flying Ideas Pte Ltd to others should they need a reliable company for their renovation work.
    Raymond Quek General Manager (Logistics), NSL OilChem Waste Management, 4/5/2015
  • Hi Tom, Hazel and your team - We just want to express our appreciation for your work on our home that went beyond our expectations. We love the stylish design that was so pitched to our taste. We love it also because the design took into careful considerations the practical aspects of home living. We want to thank you for your dedication and high quality of work. The workmanship is very good. Guests to our home testify to this as well. We are working professionals ourselves and must say we are very impressed with the level of meticulous planning and execution of your work. The level of details you look into reinforced our sense of assurance. You were always very responsive to our queries and took note of our remarks however trivial there were. We could sense the pride you engender in carrying out the work. We are grateful for your strong sense of responsibility, thoughtfulness and trustworthiness. So thank you for making our home a beautiful one.
    John and Tricia Twin Waterfalls, 3/10/2015
  • Dear Tom & Hazel, Firstly, let me wish you and your family a Happy New Year! My apologies for not getting back to you earlier as I was overseas for the last 6 weeks. "The outstanding designs and interior creations provided by Flying Ideas had exceeded my family's expectations not just once but for four major projects over the last 17 years. The design team led by Tom and Hazel is innovative, modern and adaptive, creating elegant designs that are aesthetically exquisite, highly customized to individual home owners and practically functional. At the same time, Tom's attention to detail ensure that his team of experienced and reliable craftsmen turns concept into reality every time, all the time. Thank you Tom & Hazel and the team at Flying Ideas for creating yet another marvelous haven for my family!" All the best for the New Year for you and your Family!
    Tan Yik, Alison and Sean The Meyerise
  • 10 years ago, my wife and I, sought Flying Ideas services to renovate our first home and were impressed by Tom’s provision of a one-stop services in catering to all our renovation needs. His patience and dedication are admirable and tirelessly explaining all details of work to meet our satisfaction. He also accompanied us on many trips to shop for furniture, lightings and home accessories, just to ensure that they blended in well with the home design. In the course of designing and planning, he was able to communicate in his drawing, the ideas we brought forward to him. Together with Hazel, they were able to create a design we desired and never rejected any revision proposed by us. The end results provides us with not just a comfortable place to live in but a fulfilling journey to build the place from scratch to what we call home. The sound advice and knowledge they had shared with us in the past made us wanting to work with them again for our second home. Just like our first engagement, the current home we are living in is beautifully designed to our satisfaction. Flying Ideas has made us proud as owners to hear our visitors giving praise to our beautifully designed home. Thank you Tom and Hazel for making our living space a comfortable and enjoyable one for many years to come. All the best.
    Patrick & Rena The Tree House
  • Flying Ideas' philosophy towards design practicalities, service responsiveness and after-sales support epitomizes the level of professionalism that every homeowners desire from their interior designers
    Mr & Mrs CK Lim Citylights
  • It has always been pleasant working with Tom, his experience has enticed us to engage him 4 times in the past 12 yrs!
    Mr & Mrs Khoo Novena Suites
  • Thank you for the excellent job done to our home. As both myself and my wife are always busy with our works, you and your team always meet or even exceed our expectations without our need to constantly monitor the work progress. We can safely leave the renovation works to you knowing that the job will be completed on time!
    William Tan Punggol Field
  • Flying Ideas has many innovative ideas and are very easy to work with. I will definitely be using Flying Ideas to design my next home.
    Jason Kang Shunfu Road
  • My family had engaged Flying Ideas for 2 major renovation projects over the last 10 years and we are totally happy with the innovative and personalized service that they provide. Their designs are innovative and customize towards the customer's taste.
    Tan Yik Estella Garden
  • We trust Flying Ideas for their professional advice, fine workmanship and outstanding service. They have the customer's interest in mind at all times, even after the project is over.
    Philip Teo Freesia Woods
  • We were posted overseas but needed our home renovated in Singapore. So, we gave them the keys and discussed our plans over email. We had every confidence in them. True enough, they handed us a dream home when we returned. We were really pampered!
    Sharon Lee Freesia Woods
  • Thanks to Flying Ideas, our tiny HDB studio apartment has been transformed into a spacious, cozy retirement pad for us.
    Teo Chwee Tong Tanglin Halt Road
  • The standout value was the complete ownership of the quality of work. It was always Flying Ideas we would call and they managed to our time table wonderfully!
    Patrick Huang Park Infinia @ Weenam
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